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WSET Level 2 Award in Wines (Online Learning)

The WSET Level 2 Award in Wines is intended for people who have little or no prior knowledge. It is suitable wherever a good level of wine knowledge is required to underpin job skills and competencies, for example in the customer service and sales functions of hospitality, retailing and wholesaling industries. It is also useful for those who have a general interest in wine and wish to broaden their knowledge.

Successful candidates will be able to describe and compare the styles of wines produced from internationally and regionally important grape varieties, interpret wine labels from the main wine producing regions of the world and give basic guidance on appropriate selection and service, as well as understand the principles of wine tasting and evaluation.

There are no restrictions on entry to the WSET Level 2 Award in Wines.




The course is based around a five-week, six-module online programme with educator support available for this time. The course modules should be followed in sequential order during this five-weeks window. There is a recommendation of six hours study per week to cover the online activities and read the relevant chapters in the textbook. Regular access and participation in the course online activities is essential for this mode of study.

The course prepares the student for our qualification and they are guided by a WSET educator. The student can contact the educator any time for the duration of the scheduled course, should they have any questions. Each module includes a series of independent activities to help students understand wine label terminology and recognise the styles produced by the main grape varieties in key wine regions.

Students should be advised to taste a range of wines during their studies. A list of recommended tasting samples can be found in the specification. Students can post their tasting notes in the Online Classroom for review by the educator.

Number of weeks : 5
Number of modules : 6
Total course hours : 30
Study Materials: An e-book will be provided.

Terms & Conditions:

More details about online class:

2.4 About Online Class


16 hours
A closed-book examination that consists of 50 multiple-choice questions worth one mark each.