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2.2 After you applied

1. Can I choose my exam date that could fit my schedule?  


Yes. You can choose the exam date by yourself. The online application form provides the available dates for your choices. At the first day of your class, our course officer will confirm with you about the exam date. If you are not sure you can join the assigned exam date, please send an email to learn@myicellar.com. Our course officer will advise some available exam dates for your decision. 


2. If I am unable to attend the assigned exam due to serious illness with sick leave granted, what should I do?


  • You should submit a relevant medical certificate by email with the title of ‘Application for Examination Deferment’ to our Examination Officer (learn@myicellar.com) before the respective examination date.  
  • The medical certificate(s) should be issued by registered doctors or registered Chinese medical practitioners.  
  • The medical certificate(s) should be submit no later than 3 days after the respective examination date. 
  • The date(s) of sick leave granted must include the examination of the course(s) concerned.   
  • For medical reason known before the examination, the application for deferment of examination should be submitted no later than 7 days before the respective examination date.  

**Late applications or applications without sufficient supporting documentation will NOT be processed.

3. What is the maximum number of time that I can re-take the exam?


No, there’s no maximum number of times to re-take the exam. 


4. If I fail, how much would it be to re-take the exam?


  • WSET level 1 : $700 
  • WSET level 2 : $1000 
  • WSET level 3 : Theory paper $1100 Blind Tasting paper $1100