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2.6 Private class

For private class, can I use my own place to conduct the private class?


Can, but there’s several requirements set by WSET as an exam venue: 
  • Access to the Exam Room  
Only candidates and exam personnel are permitted to enter the room during the course of the exam. Candidates should not enter the room more than 15 minutes prior to the start time of the exam.  
  • Desk Specifications  
  •  Wherever possible candidates should be seated at separate desks that should be placed at least 1.25 metres apart (measured from the centre of the desk).  
  •  If separate desks are not available, the desks used should be of a size which is sufficient to prevent close interaction between candidates. In this case, there should be a distance of at least 1.25 metres between seats.  
  • All desks must be large enough to accommodate all exam materials.  
  •  All seating should be arranged to prevent candidates overlooking each other’s work. Individual desks should normally be arranged to ensure that all candidates face in the same direction.  
  • The exam room must not contain visual aids that could be deemed to be of assistance to candidates in the completion of the exam (e.g. pictures, bottles, wine/spirits cases, service equipment, maps, displays, etc.)  
**If there are not enough table for all the candidates, will have to separate into two time slots for exam – It would be 4:45PM-5:30PM and 5:45PM-6:30PM. Please indicate which candidates will attend which time slots (for exam registration) Be aware that it cannot be changed.