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3.2 After you applied

1. What is the exam format? 


IWM Exam consists of two parts of exam paper.
Part One is a blind tasting question with time limit of 30 mins. Two exam examples with one white and one red will be tasted.
Part Two is a Multiple-Choice Question with time limit of 60 mins. 50 MC question will be asked.
Passing rate is overall 65% that consists of the combined result of Part One and Part Two.  


2. Is there any higher qualification level for continuous study from IWM?


Yes. Once you get IWM, you will be qualified to enrol Italian Wine Ambassador (IWA) class and examination organized by Vinitaly International Academy (VIA).  

For more information about IWA, please visit the official website:


3. If I fail to qualify the examination, what can I do for re-sit exam?


Since the exam result is not counted by Part One and Part Two separately but a combined result of both papers, you have to re-sit for the two papers.